Big Smoke

"Blowin on them Oz." Tryin ta get big in tha game

Have u ever wondered?

What it would be like if you had what you wanted?
Just think about it what if you had a beautiful girl who understood you and knew how you felt?
What if you had a Lambo or a Bently in the garage?
What if your house was featured on Cribs?
What if you had enough money to move to Jamaica or Italy to finish your life?

Well maybe if she knew how I felt I could start with that part b/c all of the rest is materiel non-sense and it is gibber gabber all I really want is the courage to ask her on a date… 

This kid eats foot lolz and loses a tooth look close


Logic - Dead Presidents III

Sooooooo TRUE

  • Two little boys fell asleep on the same bed cuddled up with each other:
  • People: Aw so cute, they must be tired!
  • Two grown up boys fell asleep on the same bed cuddled up with each other:
  • People: This is outrageous! How can two men sleep together! They must be gay oh my God! So disgusting!


I remember getting my leg broken by my mother

My Doctor

  • Doctor: You seem to be suffering from major anxiety.
  • Me: Can I get a prescription of Mary J???
  • Doctor: That isn't legal in Arkansas
  • Me: Then I don't give a flying FUCK

My first song “ME”

my name is big smoke
all I do is toke

ain’t no joke
that’s my kid better abort
fresh outta court

snapback on

u little a fawn
dig up the lawn
u find the bodies
look in a blind man’s eyes

u a bitch don’t cry
it ain’t a lie all he has seen

drug dealers liars and thieves

nothing can compare

to wat put the gray in his hair
smoke in the air

don’t give a care

no fucks

this the real shit im spittin

urgirl on her knees a lick lick lickin

wat a slut

bust a nut

kick her out the backdoor

after getting it in her backdoor

don’t get her near my lair

I’m bound to slay her

I mean leigh her


She said OMGurinside me

U kno where I be up high

Above the sky

No lie

U can’t have my alibi

No cops

If they evolve

Ull geturproblem solved

Not dissolved like salt water

Ya that’s herurdaughter

On bang bros

Bangin my bros

Not one

Get back take a seet

U ain’t gnna do nothing but greet

Doors in wally world

Put it in er made her hurl

So sick

Like that sticky icky

She is sticky icky

Oozing on my sheets

She a freak

Don’t let this shit leak